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CROWN BIZ was created the summer of 2017 when Pharroh, age 10, expressed an interest in creating and designing. 

We homeschool, and at the time, we were exploring art through, books, many local art exhibits, and a young designer's fashion show. The inspiration was bubbling over.

Prior to CROWN BIZ's start, Pharroh didn't typically gravitate to creating his own art. Struggling with fine and gross motors skills he has many activities he avoids, so when he shared his desire, we jumped to support him, and the beginning stages of his business was sparked.

Pharroh has spent this past year designing his hats and selling them at local events in Oakland. Though he thrives on direct interaction with his customers, Pharroh is excited to be moving into the world of online sales.

The crown on the hat is inspired by artist Jean Michel Basquiat, one of the first artists Pharroh was drawn to. Unknown to us at the time, synchronically

the anniversary of Basquiat's passing, is the day we started the business, August 12, when we placed our first materials order. 

Basquiat used the crown in many of his paintings and is often interpreted as a symbol of Black excellence. 

At CROWN BIZ we say "Rock your crown with pride."










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